Oculus Quest 2 Impressions

Virtual Reality has continued to become more popular in recent years, as the hardware required to enjoy it has become more affordable and easier to use. While they are far from the popularity enjoyed by mainstream video game consoles, VR and VR games have a bright future ahead, and the latest Oculus headset offers a great glimpse.

As in the case of the first Quest, the new VR headset is a self-contained unit, which means that there is no need to connect it to a high-performance PC to enjoy VR video games and apps. It retains the overall design that made the good Quest while including some great hardware improvements.

Better and smoother

The original Oculus Quest was held back by an ecosystem that was new and a bit barren at launch, but the situation has changed dramatically since then. It feels better, is considerably smoother, and inspires trust, while most VR headest tends to seem more like a tech experiment instead of a finished product.

Oculus Quest 2 is smaller than the previous version and comes with fabric head straps, which are more comfortable. The biggest changes took place on the inside.

Greater performance

A Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 offers additional computing power backed by 6GB of RAM.  The screen resolution receives a major boost, up to 1832x 1920, along with a post-launch refresh rate of 90Hz. Such changes boost the quality of images and make the text easier to see and read.

The built-in speakers could be better, but users who want a superior audio experience have the option to purchase dedicated headphones or earbuds from third-party companies. Thankfully, the controllers offer a solid experience, and the battery drain has been reduced, so they last for a longer time without the need to swap batteries.

Overall, the Oculus Quest 2 offers a great user experience and lots of interesting apps and games along with an affordable $299 price tag.

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