Samsung Is Once Again The Biggest Smartphone Vendor In The World

Samsung has done quite well in recent months, and it has managed to steal the crown of the biggest smartphone in the world from Huawei, according to several news reports. This is great news for the company, who also shared that it has recorded the highest quarterly revenue growth since it was founded.

Strong sales in China and other parts of the world allowed Huawei to become the number one in the world three months ago, but the ongoing conflict between the company and the US has had extensive ramifications.

Rising to the top

Many people don’t want to purchase a device without access to Google services, and shipments decreased hard in recent months while Samsung’s shipments rose by 47% within the same timeframe. Huawei also lost the ability to further develop and manufacture in-house Kirin SoCs, which is a significant challenge for the company in the future.

Xiaomi has also experienced impressive growth, rising to the third position and overtaking Apple with the help of significant year-to-year growth. Despite Apple’s best efforts, it seems like the delay of the iPhone 12 range to October contributed to a decline between the July-September period.

Costs and benefits

While flagship devices remain attractive for a large number of users, the COVID-19 pandemic has convinced some potential customers to shift their interest to devices that are more affordable, even if they can’t offer the same performance.

Samsung, Xiaomi, and other companies have benefited from this trend as the manufacture a large number of devices for all segments, including a large number of mid-range models that seem to have become the major choice among many people who aren’t interested in the supposed prestige or additional features of a flagship model.

It is likely that even more growth will be recorded during the holiday season when many people decide to purchase new devices.

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