Three ARM-based MacBooks Could Be Revealed Soon

After 14 years, Apple has decided to ditch Intel in favor of making its own silicone by licensing technology from ARM. The company is planning to bring ARM across its computer ranges, and according to some sources, a new selection of MacBooks should be released soon.

The Cupertino giant has announced a new event that will take place on November 10, known under the name of One ore thing. Many anticipate that the transition to Apple-made silicon will be opened by the release of new MacBook devices.

Planned transition

Apple has been working on a transition to in-house silicon for a while but decided to release the official announcement at WWDC in the summer. The company underlined the fact that the transition will bring many benefits when for the development of software, but most details have remained a mystery.

Sources within the industry theorize that Apple plans to start with the MacBook Air range, but there is little to no proof related to this theory at this point. Some have argued that the 12-inch MacBook might be revived, which would be a great boon for those who love the portability.

Optimized hardware

The upcoming MacBook models should sport the same design as the current models, with the major differences being tied to internal parts. It seems that the three models that will be released next week are a 13-inch MacBook Air, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, and a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

One of the main improvements is tied to better battery life. Reports tied to the developer transition kits also note that the performance could be on par or even better in comparison to Intel-powered alternatives. Thunderbolt support will also be present across the new models.

macOS Big Sur could also make an appearance during the anticipated event, but only time will tell.

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