2Accounts 3.2.7 Update Adds Support For New Platforms

Many smartphone owners have more than one device, and it can be quite complicated to check two or more devices at all times to ensure that you don’t skip important updates.

With 2Accounts, there is no need to carry both devices or swap between them on a constant basis as you can use multiple accounts on the same device. A smart protocol allows two accounts to run at the same time, which means that you will receive notifications as soon as they are generated.

Smart and useful

2Accounts allows users to clone popular apps and games with a few taps, so two instances of the same app with different accounts can be used at the same time without issues. Users can switch between the apps quickly, and there is no interference between the apps or the accounts.

It is important to underline the fact that 2Accounts will require access to a set of permissions to work as intended. Some antivirus apps may mark 2Accounts as malicious due to the way in which the cloning mechanism works, flagging a false positive. 2Accounts is completely safe, and there are no security risks.

Extra features

All the essential features of 2Accounts are available for free and can be enjoyed by everyone without restrictions. Users who wish to pay for a VIP subscription will enjoy access to additional features as a reward for supporting the app.

One of the best VIP features is the ability to clone an unlimited number of apps, allowing users to manage multiple social media or game accounts on the same device, a feat that can be quite useful for some. There is also the option to protect cloned apps with the help of a password.

The latest update for the app comes with a large number of bug fixes and support for Android 11 as well as WhatsApp and Twitter.

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