4shared 4.17.0 Update Arrives With Dark Mode

In recent years the use of cloud storage services has become a normal thing, as fast internet and a wide variety of choices have made the idea more popular. While there are several cloud storage services on the market, few are as popular as 4shared.

4shared was one of the early pioneers of cloud storage, as the service was released more than 15 years ago. Many PC users fell in love with the service, and it was one of the first cloud storage platforms that released an official app when.

Excellent app

The 4shared app offers a fast and intuitive user experience, as it has been optimized to offer ease of access, and it can be used by everyone if they didn’t use a similar service in the past. Even users who aren’t tech-savvy can upload and share files in minutes.

Users can access their favorite files, share them with friends or family, or add new ones with a few taps. It is easy to limit access to sensitive files by setting up a password, and your login credentials are encrypted, providing an extra layer of security.

Robust sharing features

Sharing files is easy as you can create download links and send them to other people or use them to download files across several devices. Interrupted downloads can be resumed quickly, and they’re also the option to pause and resume a download at will, which is quite convenient when something unexpected happens.

There is also the ability to preview the most common types of files before you download them, so you don’t download something else by mistake. Some media files can also be streamed, so you don’t have to download them at all if you don’t want to. A public database of files will also offer access to interesting content.

The 4.17.0 update comes with the lovely dark mode.

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