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5 Best Apps to Convince You To Switch From iPhone to Android

Five practical apps to switch from iPhone to Android, which could improve your experience. When you sometimes feel like a change is everything you are probably right. Switch from Apple and give Android devices a chance. It could be not so easy, because on the iPhone we back up almost all the things on iCloud. But how about some apps that will simplify everything for you?

Google Drive

The first step when you decide to make the switch. Google Drive allows you to backup all your data by synching essential data on your new Android device. Google Drive is the most straightforward answer to that. Start by downloading the app on your iOS device and sign in in your Google account. The Settings menu will offer you an option to select anything you want or need to backup, then start it. From videos, images, calendar events to contacts, you will be assured that everything is synced. On your Android device, you will have to log in to your Google Drive account, and the rest is pretty simple because everything you chose for the backup will be synced there.


Apple Notes’ could be easily transferred to an innovative app called Evernote. You can transfer your notes from your iOS device on the app by installing it first. The next step is to open your notes, and quickly choose to move them on Evernote. The notes will automatically appear on the new app. On the Android device, you log in and access all your files.


The best for transferring messages from your last iOS device to your new Android one. The app offers you a restore option to create a back up for all your messages.


Export quickly all your calendar entries from your iPhone. First, export your calendar data from the iOS device, open ICAL, select the info option, access on the toggle next, and choose new share link feature. The following step is to send the link to your email and change it with HTML and open it in a browser.


The app is a pretty simple one for file transferring. Access the app and select the Receive option. Make a connection for Android and open the OR Code Scanner. Select send and scan the code.



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