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5G Network – Advantages and Disadvantages

The 5G network is quite different from the 4G when it comes to speed, capacity, and latency. The first has lots of advantages, while the latter is soon to be history. But, knowing the 5G’s features and efficiency, it’s also necessary to find out its disadvantages.

There are a lot of things still unknown about the 5G network. However, with some of the main features, we already become familiar, so it’s essential to draw some conclusions and find what’s so special at 5G and not.

5G Network Advantages

5G provides more speed, capacity, and latency and a new feature dubbed “Network Slicing.” The option offers some unique features and connection to all users. It can also support users to stay away as much as possible from any issues in the 5G network. Most significantly, the possibility of a user to destroy its work due to overloads of the 5G network won’t be a bother anymore.

Regarding the 5G’s capacity, the network will let more users stay connected more to the Internet. The Internet connection will also become more stable and fast during the usage. So, let’s imagine you’re in a crowded area at an event. Using 5G, you will be able to share a live video on a social platform, without being troubled by a slow Internet connection.

The interruptions will also be a thing in the past. As for the latency, 5G will lead it to zero, so when you send something to your contacts, their device will register to get the content at the same moment.

Ultimately, talking about the speed issues, 5G will allow up to 20GB/s. With such a speed, you’ll send how many files you want, without waiting too much. Downloading movies could take only seconds! Also, the Cloud system would be enabled, so the smartphones, for example, don’t have to rely on their internal memory at all.

5G Network Disadvantages

Well, even if we can’t get enough of 5G’s benefits, some less bright spots need to be discussed, too. For instance, the devices we own right now might not all support the network, meaning we have to change them. Such a thing might cost us a lot, and not everyone can afford a new device.

There is also the security and privacy stuff that needs to be handled, and the way the 5G network will be transmitted. The high-frequency airwaves that the 5G uses can’t travel through the hard surfaces. To solve such an issue, some cells need to be installed all over the areas with the 5G network.



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