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7 Best Alternatives to Xender: Why Should You Try Them

Xender is now one of the most popular file transfer apps. The best part is that the app is now available on a wide range of platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

Even though Xender is great and works fine, it is full of ads and unnecessary features. There are many alternatives available in the Google Play Store, Windows Store, and App Store, but what should you choose? Here are our top seven picks. 


Zapya is a great alternative to Xender. It has a fantastic and easy-to-use interface, keeping the file transfer tools separate from the unnecessary features. 

Zapya also supports multiple devices, and you can use it on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. It somehow has a similar web share interface to Xender.


Feem is probably the fastest file transfer apps out there. It has a minimal and clean interface and offers a no-frills layout. Feem is available for platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. You have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to share files. 


Another fantastic alternative to Xender is the Send Anywhere app. It’s also accessible on different platforms, and you can easily create and share files via links – you can share files with anyone who is not near you.


Wi-Fi File Transfer is available only on Android. To send, receive, and access files from your Android device to other devices, you have to use the URL provided by the app. The file size is limited to 5MB/file.


Files Go by Google is great, but only if you’re okay with the lack of cross-platform features. The app is developed to clean the storage of our device, but it works great with sharing your files. This app is also available only for Android users. 


Mi Drop is a file transfer app developed by Xiaomi. It offers fantastic sharing features, and it lets you transfer files to your PC via FTP. Mi Drop comes preinstalled on Mi devices, but you can install it on any other Android device you have. 


Sweech is available on Android only. The app offers you a URL that you can enter in any browser to receive or send files. The web interface separates the content according to their type and allows you to view your full storage. 



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