A “Clear History Tool” From Facebook Is Now Available For Everyone

Facebook finally made its “Off Facebook Activity” option available all around the world. The new option allows users to see apps and websites that have been collecting information regarding their activity. However, the new option won’t let users entirely stop the practice.

Going global

It’s great to know that now users can get a full picture of the apps and websites that paired to their Facebook account.

Facebook made its”Off Facebook Activity” tool available worldwide on Tuesday. It was previously introduced only to Ireland, Spain, and South Korea. To access the feature, users have to open the mobile app (or website) and go to the “Your Facebook Information” Tab.

Purpose of the tool

Facebook is aiming to promote transparency and a so-called “clear history” when it comes to tracking cookies and scripts that are associated with third-party websites or apps. Facebook mainly collects user data so that it can provide relevant ads. Unfortunately, this also means that Facebook has been actively mapping out users’ internet browsing history, which is a bit unsettling to say at least.

Your data, your rules

The “Off Facebook Activity” provides insight regarding how intrusive third-party tracking can get. When you first open the app, it is a bit scary to see the multitude of seemingly unknown apps and websites that shared your data with Facebook.

Thankfully, now there is an option to block the harvesting of data. Users can individually “disconnect” a specific app or website and deny them sending personal data to Facebook. 

Nevertheless, the social network will keep on collecting data, but at least it won’t be tied to your Facebook ID anymore, which is a decent starting point.  

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