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A close link between screen time and stress

People who are consciously addicted to screens are more likely to develop stress, says a new study from Concordia University.

According to research conducted by neuroscientist Najmeh Khalili-Mahani, there is a strong link between technology dependence and mental health, especially between stress and screen time.

To reach this conclusion, the researcher relies on an online survey of more than 60 questions, from more than 650 people who said they were dependent (television, smartphone, game console, tablet, etc.).

“Those who considered themselves addicted were, in fact, the ones who spent the most time on screens,” the researcher said.

In addition, those who claimed to be screen-dependent were more likely to have high scores for all types of stress. ”

The study warns, however, against any conclusions that can be drawn about the causal link between stress and the use of screens.

Najmeh Khalili-Mahani said that the phenomenon of gambling and online gambling has not been explored, believing that for this behavior, it should have a separate study.

In addition, researchers are questioning the potential of using fun and interactive applications to fight against stress.

“It turned out that emotional stress is a very important predictor of the use of screens. It is this aspect that we intend to examine more closely in our future work, said Najmeh Khalili-Mahani. We believe that screens can be used to achieve some kind of emotional intervention, and we advocate a game-based approach to make it more relaxing and fun. ”

The article by Najmeh Khalili-Mahani, who works at PERFORM Center at Concordia University, was recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.



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