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A Fascinating State Of Mater May Have Been Observed

A team of American researchers have found data related to a quantum spin liquid. This state of matter is of particular interest for researchers since it is thought that it could play an essential role in the construction of quantum computers.

The interesting trait was observed, while researchers were looking at electron spins that take place in a compound known as ruthenium trichloride. Tests have shown that electron spins are able to interact with the entire material, decreasing the amount of overall energy, a trait associated with quantum spin liquids.

Interesting theories

Scientists have started to explore spin liquids almost five decades ago. While initial research described a new state of matter with major potential, it is quite hard to document its existence, especially since specific conditions and tools are required.

Conclusive proof is present in the latest study, arguing that ruthenium trichloride has the traits needed to be qualified as a spin liquid. According to one of the researchers who contributed to the study, the document offers an exciting perspective on ruthenium trichloride and offers a new way of looking after the signature traits of quantum spin liquids.

Properties with a great potential

Scientists have spent years on research related to electrons. One of their key properties is the spin, which could be employed to create better electronics. In a nutshell, electrons can spin around an axis oriented in a specific direction. In the case of magnetic materials, the spins can be aligned with similar or opposite directions.

In the case of ruthenium chloride, its specific structure favors intense interactions between the spins. Specific conditions and a new method were used to measure the way in which the electrons spin in specific magnetic fields.

Since the method and setup are relatively easy to use, more experiments will take place in the future. The study was published in a scientific journal.



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