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A free code for Death Stranding PS4 avatars was published


Death stranding is legendary game developer Hideo Kojima’s latest creation. Players take the role of Sam Bridges, a man working for a company named Bridges whose purpose is to deliver supply cargo to various isolated cities while also adding them to a communications network named the “Chiral Network”. The game takes place in an apocalyptic America, where some invisible mysterious creatures began roaming the country. The developer wants the game to act as a metaphor for the world and society we live in.

It’s out now

The game was teased for quite a long time but now it’s finally out and available for download. There either was no big fuss about the launch of the game or it might have been outshined by the vast amount of gaming related big events that will take place this week, like the launch of Google Stadia, which is supposed to be a true revolution for gaming.

Free avatars

Sony was kind enough to offer free “BB” avatars for players’ ps4 profiles only for today. Players can claim them by using the code:

47XM – C3N8 – GTFN

The avatars feature the “BB” baby in a pod in a few different poses which is used in-game similar to a threat detector. 

However, the code is only available for American gamers. Japanese gamers, for example, can use a different code, which includes four Japan – exclusive avatars:  


The avatars look cute in their unique way. Gamers should take advantage of this one time only offer to refresh the look of their profiles. 




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