A Google Subscription Bundle Could Be More Popular Than Apple One

During the latest showcase event, Apple has shared official information about the anticipated Apple One subscriptions, which include Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud storage, and other premium services available in several bundle tiers.

As the popularity of services bundles continues to soar, there are many prospective players that might enter the game. One of them is Google, which already offers a series of services that have been popular for years, with YouTube Premium being the main star and a major backbone for potential bundles.

Creating good bundles

If Google plans to be a serious rival in the bundle segment, it should start to work on thematic bundles. For example, an entertainment bundle should come with YouTube Premium, the Google Play Pass, and Google Stadia. Stadia has become better since launch, and the Google Play Pass would offer the opportunity to play high quality mobile games on the go.

Digital health has also become quite popular among users of smartphones and smart accessories, as more people try to limit the amount of time spend on their devices. Such features can be optimized easily and offered as a part of the Google One Bundle.

Create  a unified experience

While Google offers many apps that are good at something, some of them could be consolidated into an umbrella one which offers access to several featured without the need to switch between apps at all times.

Another great hook would be discounts for people who subscribe to several services at the same time. Want to use two services? You receive an X% discount. Need access to four services? Here’s a heftier subscription, so you feel more tempted to add an additional service to take advantage of the better price.

It is hard to tell if Google has bigger plans for Google One, but the potential is there, and it may offer a great revenue opportunity.

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