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A New Chrome Update Will Improve Internet Surfing

The internet is an essential part of the life of hundreds of millions of people from all over the world who rely on it to perform a variety of tasks in a fast and convenient manner.

Navigating on the internet can be an exciting experience but is far from being perfect. Many users are familiar with the hassle of navigating between several tabs, which can be bearable on a desktop but becomes quite aggravating on Android smartphones or tablets, testing the will of some of the most patient users.

Clean and lean

A new feature has been spotted in the latest version for Google Chrome, and it seems to be quite exciting as users will have the option to use icons as they move from one open tab to another instead of swiping through what seems to be an endless row of windows that can be slow if they also display multimedia content.

The shift includes the introduction of a new toolbar that can be opened from the bottom of the Google Chrome app. It sounds great, and early reports from beta testers suggest that it offers a superior experience while navigating the internet.

Try it right now

Many reports mention that the new interface feels like a natural way to browse the web, especially if you want or need to have access to several open tabs at the same time. Users who can’t wait until a stable of the update will be released can download and try it right now.

Start by going to the Google Play Store and look for the Chrome Beta app. Download it on your device and open the following  URL inside the app: chrome://flags/#enable-conditional-tabstrip. Ensure that the radio button for the Conditional Tab Strip is enabled and relaunch the. The new quick-access strip should be visible at the bottom of the app. Since this a beta feature, it may not work well or as expected on some Android devices.



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