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A New Concept for iOS 14 Is Spreading on the Internet

Even if the focus is right now on the iPhone 12, a novelty took our minds to look into the future of Apple’s devices. Hacker 34 is a tech fanatic that released a video on YouTube with the next extraordinary features of the new iOS 14. The video is promoting new features such as keyboard GIFs, Split View, drag and drop functions, and new icons.

The New iOS 14

The video shown by Hacker34 is quite enlighting because it shows how the settings are changing, the Lock screen is new, it will have multiple Apple ID accounts, and many changes in the browsing, music, and messaging department. We know very well that when we talk about Apple, the company is rigorous about releasing updates. The most recent example was with iOS 13, and the waves of updates followed after that. Even if the new OS is excellent, unfortunately, is not functioning very well, the examples are the battery drain, the call dropping, or the ringtone snot function.

Moreover, their many fixes to the issues had brought other problems. Of course,  if you are hoping for the next iOS 14, you are expecting an OS bug-free. Returning to the new features that could be added in the latest iOS, we are mentioning the support for the multiple accounts, the support for 5G, the AR added as well. Also, many changes to the icons, the pop-up notification, the GIF keyboard, and many more to be added.

To sum up, having multiple accounts feature can be the best for users. Is it long gone a single account on every Apple device? How’s that? Of course, the 5G technology is not a feature to miss, and we are sure Apple will add this one too because 2020 will come with other perspectives.



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