A New Facebook Feature Improves Posts Management

Many users complained in 2012 that Facebook unearthed old posts that were displayed on their timeline. After a few waves, Facebook announced that the posts had been shared by users in the past, and there were no issues related to leaks.

Scroll a bit more into the Facebook timeline of someone, and you will likely find some posts that are better left forgotten. In the past, you had to archive or delete each post on a one-by-one basis, and experience that could become quite embarrassing in some cases.

New post management features

Facebook has announced a new Manage Activity feature that will allow users to archive or delete old posts in batches. Posts deleted either normally or by using the batch method will be removed from your timeline and are no longer accessible.

If you wish to keep the posts but don’t want to let others to see them use, you can opt to archive them. The Manage Activity menu also offers the option to view, organize, and filter posts by using several criteria, including date, type of posts, tagged persons, and other categories.

Keeping your timeline fresh

The release of the new features was accompanied by an announcement that mentioned that it was developed with the aim to allow users to curate their profile and remove unwanted posts more conveniently. Some posts can seem like a good idea when they were shared, but this may not be the case in the present.

Several issues related to privacy and control have affected the platform in recent years. When Facebook introduced the ability to search through a timeline with the help of a keyword in 2014, many users worried that someone would use the feature to uncover old posts. At that point, the only way to prevent this was to open the Activity Log and restrict the visibility of each post.

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