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A New Netflix Scam Attempts To Steal Valuable Data

The internet has offered access to a wealth of features and benefits which have revolutionized live in a few decades, but it also remains a prime hunting ground for nefarious entities who wish to earn ill-gotten gains.

While most scams are quite obvious and easy to avoid, there are some who go the extra mile to seem credible. Users who aren’t tech-savvy could fall easily into the nets, which are set by phishing attacks, and a new one targets Netlfix customers and seems to be convincing at first sight.

Extending the bait

According to a security company that explored the issue, the scam started to surface a few weeks ago when Netflix customers started to receive emails that appeared to be sent by the Netflix support department. The email mentioned that the platform ran into an issue while validating their payment data and urged the to click on an embedded URL.

The notice was also a bit threatening as it mentioned that the accounts would be canceled in less than 24 hours if no actions were taken. People who clicked on the link were taken to a lookalike website, which asked them for the username, password, billing address, a credit card information. Once all the information was filled, they were transferred to the official Netflix website.

An impressive effort

While phishing attacks are quite common on the internet, the recent one is quite interesting as it was able to bypass email security checks. When the link was clicked, users were taken to a CAPTCHA page, which featured Netflix branding.

The CAPTCHA  and lookalike websites were also hosted on legitimate parent domains, a feat that allowed the attackers to bypass URL and link protection measures by avoiding filters that block suspicious or unreliable domains. While the actual URL address that appears in the address gives the scam away, it is really well-made at first sight.



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