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A Refurbished iPhone XS Is One Of The Best Deals You Can Get Right Now

Apple put refurbished iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models on sale via their online marketplace and at designated retailers. This is terrific news for anyone who wants to upgrade from an older model (or switch from Android) but doesn’t feel like paying the full price for the high-end smartphone.

The XS Max and XS are merely two years old, which means that they are still above average in terms of performance, therefore being an excellent choice for an upgrade.

How much do refurbished models cost?

The question that runs through your mind right now is how much can you save on a refurbished iPhone XS Max or XS if you purchase it straight from Apple. First of all, keep in mind that the exact final pricing is in concordance with the configuration and model you choose. 

Therefore, a refurbished iPhone XS model seems to be $200 cheaper than a brand new model, and the XS Max is $250 cheaper. This potential economy might convince many people to buy refurbished iPhones. 

The most expensive refurbished models are 512GB versions, costing $999 (iPhone XS) and $1,099 (iPhone XS Max). That is a bit of a bargain because all refurbished models sold by Apple are unlocked. 

Apple versus other sellers

It’s evident that Apple’s pricing is above the pricing of most popular sellers, but when you buy straight from Apple, you know that your experience will be flawless, even in case your device has an issue. Buying from other sellers is pretty much a gamble in case of trouble. 



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