A Transition To USB Type-C Would Make iPhones More Eco-Friendly

Apple’s decision to remove earbuds and to charge bricks from the box of future iPhones has sparked lots of heated debates as some supported the approach while others shared memes that targeted the company.

While there might be some merit to the decision, even if its a highly debatable topic, Apple could have done a lot better by moving towards USB Type-C instead of using its proprietary Lightning port, which restrict the option to choose your favorite accessories without the need to resort to adapters in some cases.

Rise of USB Type-C

USB-Type C has been embraced at a fast pace in the electronic industry since it was introduced, and it is the most popular standard in the world. A close look at a variety of accessories, including wireless earbuds, VR headsets, smartphones, tablets and select laptop accessories, revealed that the standard is close to being universal.

Even more, the device will use Type-C in the future, with one solid example being the controllers for the PS5 and the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X consoles. Fast chargers also make use of the standard, and some have already reached close to 100 watts.

Small market share

Since Apple owns close to 14% of the smartphone market share, its claim that there are billions of compatible charging bricks in the wild is a bit extreme. While more than 200 million iPhones were shipped in 2019, more than 1 billion smartphones were also shipped within the same timeframe, and a significant number use USB Type-C.

As such, it can be argued that most people are more likely to have a USB Type-C power brick around the house instread of a Lightning one. It is also worth pointing out that most of the power adaptors released by Apple in the past rely on USB –A, while the company introduced Type-C power bricks last year, and the cable included in the box is a Type-C one.

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