A “Unified Communications App” From Google Is In The Works

A recent report shows that Google is developing a unified communications app designated for business users.

It’s evident that Google is expanding its reach into the business/office segment, and if you take a look at any productivity-oriented Google app, you will see why. 

A cocktail of features

The upcoming app will incorporate plenty of standalone apps and technologies, the report says. 

The communications app bundles Google’s video conferencing app, Hangouts Meet alongside Hangouts Chat, which can be used for instant messaging. 

Also, Gmail and Google Drive will be embedded in the new app.

The current stage of development

The application is known to be undergoing intensive internal testing at Google. Users that are acquainted with the product revealed that Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO, provided details about the app at a conference with Google salespeople and business partners that happened earlier this month.

The mobile app will be part of Google’s G Suite of software for productivity. It will undoubtedly help Google gain some advantage in the business communications market against big rivals like Microsoft.

The present version of the Google G Suite

Today’s Google G Suite for business features applications such as Docs, Gmail, Meet, Calendar, and unlimited Google Drive storage, while also providing access to some other less popular apps.

The past year we saw a hike in the pricing of the G Suite for the first time for business users and channel partners alike. 

The price was updated for the Basic and Intermediate tier, but the Enterprise tier’s cost remained constant.

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