Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Update 5.6.4 Fixes A Connection Issue

While some smartphone owners are interested in games that offer an adrenaline explosion, many prefer an experience that is calmer while also offering the opportunity to enjoy incredible vistas and pleasant gameplay.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is one of the best fishing games on mobile platforms, packing a wonderful 3D world and a great fishing adventure that will provide hours of entertainment thanks to a variety of fun and convenient features. Accept the challenge and become the best fisherman in the world!

Time to fish

It is easier than ever to catch fish with the help of an excellent touch control scheme, which places a focus on having fun once the fish bites the bait the action starts! A complete and user-friendly tutorial will teach you all you need to know, and you can hone your skills in the Practice Room.

Enjoy a fully-featured experience that includes customizable rods, with fishing lines that can be changed according to your wishes. Alter the length and strength of the line to match your style and look good as fish will battle and try to escape!

Lots of features

Explore exotic locations form all over the world, including the iconic Amazon river! There are lots of fishing sports, each with their own features and attractions that make them popular. Capture a vast collection of beautiful fish and explore the entire map to find and fish them all!

Show your skills against rival players as you compete in fun fishing tournaments and face players from all over the world. Increase your chance of success by using the in-depth lure crafting system and set new records that will attract the respect and envy of rival players. Use powerful accessories to gain an edge.

The latest update for the app, 5.6.4, comes with a fix for connection errors encountered in 1vs1 matches.



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