Adobe Capture Update 6.6 Brings New Bug Fixes

There are lots of camera apps on the market, but few are useful for some creators who need quick access to advanced features. Adobe Capture offers the opportunity to harness your smartphone to obtain vectors and patterns with a few taps.

With Adobe Capture, there is no need to waste time preparing a vectors or patterned image for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Premier Pro, as the Adobe Capture app can transform images instantly, making them ready for use as soon as they are shot.

Awesome functionalities

Craft vectors on the go with the dedicated Shapes feature. Convert images into customization vectors that can be personalized according to your wishes. They are great for use in the creation of logos, illustrations, and animations in a faster, more intuitive way. Choose between up to 32 colors for vectors and shoot or upload images for quick processing.

Smart algorithms offer the ability to identify a pleasant font and display similar versions that are offered by Adobe. Point your camera towards a font that appears on any form of content, and a list of Adobe Fonts will be offered.

Customize and enhance

Found a nuance or color that is inspiring? Take a photo with Adobe Capture, and the color will be available at all times so you can use it for future projects without the need to bother in the search for the right gradients that match your needs.

Create digital brushes from search by using your favorite images as a source of inspiration. Thanks to a smart sync protocol, every asset is saved automatically in the Adobe Creative Cloud library, offering instant access to relevant images across all Adobe apps and programs. Generate 3D textures in a fast and convenient way while on the go.

The 6.6 update comes with new bug fixes and improvements that enhance the user experience.

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