How To Reinstall Or Update Adobe Flash Player For Google Chrome

There was a time when most web pages ran on Adobe Flash. It was used for all sorts of content, from games, videos, audio, and other interactive features that are so popular nowadays.

However, the security risks involved with Flash Player have decreased its popularity in recent years, and that led to its doom – Adobe decided that on December 31, 2020, they will stop Flash from running completely in all major browsers, Chrome included.

Meanwhile, since some websites are still heavily based on Flash, you might want to know how to get it up to date in Google Chrome. Here is how to do that on PC or Mac:

How To Update Flash

Open Google Chrome, and click on the address bar. Type “chrome://components” and then hit Enter.

Then, in the Components menu, scroll down until you locate Flash Player. It is most likely at the bottom of that list. When you find it, click the Check for Update button from underneath it.

If the status modifies to “Component updated,” you have successfully updated your Flash to the newest version.

If you get an Update Error, you should reinstall Flash.

How To Reinstall Flash

For safety reasons, you should only download Flash from the official website:

Pick your operating system and version. The version you are looking for will be labeled “PPAPI.”

Click “Download Now” and follow the on-screen steps to install Flash in the folder you want to.

That is it. You are all set. The newest version will be installed by default, which means you can reliably go back online and browse Flash-powered web pages. However, keep in mind that the days of the Flash Player are numbered, so you should consider looking for a replacement over the following months.

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