Age of Magic Update 1.24.1 Update Adds New Event

Turn-based RPGs have been quite popular among fans of video games since the first titles were released a few decades ago, especially if they offer an immersive world and well-constructed fantasy elements. Even today, the genre has remained quite popular.

Age of Magic encapsulates all the elements that have made turn-based RPGs a hit and brings them into a fun and exciting mobile format. Players can create a squad filled with adventurers and tackle adventures in Pve and PvP modes that will offer hours of entertainment.

Power of Five

Assemble a party of 5 daring heroes and discover their fascinating story in the dedicated arcade mode. Enjoy adventures in a world filled with knights, dragons, and mages and experience stories filled with heroism, treachery, and wonders as you overcome your foes and become a legend in the realm.

Collect and improve your heroes via level-up as you wage intense battles in grand arenas. Choose from a large selection of characters, including Kobolds, Eleves, Dragonkin, Demons, and more. Acquire powerful gear and tear down enemies with the help of upgraded weapons and powerful abilities.

Thrilling gameplay

Dive into the vast world of Age of Magic were  Light and Darkness wage a never-ending battle against each other. Run into a cast of interesting heroes during your journey as you follow Roland the True Mage on his quest to stop the evil of the Dark Tower with his friends.

Take a dose of adrenalin with intense PvP battle as you showcase your mastery in the arena. Climb to the top of the leaderboard during the weekly Tournament challenge and collect impressive rewards. Uncover even more rewards in two other game modes, The Tomb of Horrors and Valley of Treasures.

The latest update, 1.24.1, comes with a new event and a fresh character who wants to join your party!

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