AirBrush Update 4.6.5 Comes With New Hair Dye

Modern smartphones come with impressive camera arrays that allow users to take excellent photos. However, in some cases, you may want to make an image even more beautiful by making a few key touches that would convert it into a social media star.

AirBrush is a powerful image editing app that comes with a selection of solid features, including powerful tools and diverse filters that are easy, along with effects that look natural, have made the app a hit among millions of users.

Remove and alter

You took a great selfie or group photo, but a blemish or pimple seems to ruin the image. Use the dedicated blemish and pimple remover to make the enemies vanish with the touch of a finder and enjoy faces with radiate beauty and charm. A teeth whitening feature will offer the opportunity to sport that Hollywood smile and eyes can have a playful spark by harnessing the brighten eyes function.

It is also easy to enhance the way in which skin looks by making small touches or even adding a tan effect for an exotic impression. The skin will have a natural look

Comprehensive tool kit

Many free photo editing apps offer access to a rudimentary set of tools, but this is not the case with AirBrush. Employ a rich selection of tools that offer the opportunity to blur, crop, slim, and customize pics to create artistic images that are filled with personality. Use the the retouch feature to let the app to apply some automatic fixes or adjust each aspect manually.

The blur editing tool will let you add the same effect that can be observed in the case of images shared by professional photographers. Real-time editing settings will let you create the perfect image before it is shot.

The latest update for the app 4.6.5 ads new colors for the Hair Dye tool. Download any APK updates from a reliable source.

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