AirDroid Best Alternatives: What Should You Try

AirDroid is a great app that allows you to transfer your photos, music, and videos wirelessly. 

The app is probably one of the best tools you can find to manage your device from your PC. But, there are many other apps similar to AirDroid, that you might want to try. Either you got bored with AirDroid or just want to try a new experience, the following alternatives are the best so far. Here is what you need to know.


AirMore is an excellent alternative to AirDroid. The cross-platform allows you to manage any Android device wirelessly so that you can forget about cables! 

KDE Connect

With KDE Connect, you can quickly receive your phone notifications on your computer or use your phone as a remote control for your desktop. The app is available only for Android devices, but it will support the iOS soon. 


MyPhoneExplorer is a desktop app and a great alternative to AirDroid. The app can connect to a smartphone using either Bluetooth, USB cable, or infra-red connections. Once connected, you can sync your contacts, for instance, between the smartphone and your PC system. MyPhoneExplorer also allows calls.


Pushbullet is probably the fastest and easiest way to send photos, notes, links, files, and more, from your smartphone to the computer. You can also send to choose any files to other users.


Roamit has some of the best features. The app allows you to send something on your clipboard to your PC, smartphone, or even your Xbox! You can transfer your files fast via a local Wi-Fi network. Also, everything you copy on your PC will be mirrored to your smartphone. How great is that? 


Pushover is a simple push notification service and an excellent alternative to AirDroid. It integrates easily into network monitoring systems, web apps, and anything else that needs to send alerts to your smartphone. 

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