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AirDroid Best Features: What Should You Know

There are many methods to sync files between your Android device and a PC system. You can even do such a thing without a single piece of software. 

However, if you want more than a file transfer feature and have a wire phobia, AirDroid might be your perfect option. Why is the app so useful? Here are all the details you need to know.

Forget About Wires

AirDroid is a web-based device management app for Android. The app allows you to connect to any PC wirelessly. You’ll only need a QR code, and you’re free to transfer any files, back them up, and more. 

Also, connecting AirDroid to a PC/Mac system is straightforward, too. Just go to the app’s official website (don’t forget to bookmark it) and scan the given QR code using your smartphone. You can create an account with AirDroid in only a few steps and transfer files even when your device is not on the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. 

Send Phone Notifications to PC

AirDroid will ask you to enable Notification Mirroring, probably one of the coolest features so far. Such a feature allows the app to send notifications from your Android handset to your PC.

Send and Receive SMS From Your PC

You can send and receive SMS now from your PC using the AirDroid app. The process is quick and straightforward. 

Backup and Install Apps

If you’ve downloaded some APK files for apps on your PC, you can utilize AirDroid to transfer and install them in a few seconds! Neat!

Paste Text or Links to Android’s Clipboard

AirDroid has a Toolbox in the Clipboard section that is very useful. You can write everything you like there and click the Arrow button to copy your text to your smartphone’s clipboard. 

Transfer Files, Videos, and Photos From PC 

AirDroid displays your smartphone’s file management system in a friendly, desktop UI. You’ll notice shortcuts to folders like Photos, Music, Files, and more, on the “desktop” of the app. There is also the useful Toolbox in the bottom right corner, and you can drag any files in from your PC’s file explorer to the browser window and upload them to the device. 

Open Any Websites on Your Smartphone From AirDroid

Paste web addresses in the URL Toolbox and click on the Arrow button. You’ll notice how webpages are instantly opened in your smartphone’s default browser. 



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