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AirPods 3 Might Be The Upcoming AirPods Pro Lite, As Per Rumors

There is a rumor circulating the internet concerning an upcoming low-cost AirPods Pro from Apple. The so-called inexpensive AirPods 3 is believed to be launched in the coming weeks. We have to admit that this is an excellent idea if it turns out to be the truth. Think about it; the low-cost AirPods Pro could be replacing the standard AirPods lineup, which is quite popular at the moment.

Details on AirPods 3 Leaked

As you may or may not have noticed, Apple is not the type of company that is releasing brand new products very frequently. So the fact that the AirPods arrived on the market back in 2016 was a great deal, and it also turned out to be a colossal success story.

The company focused on improving their new prototype even further with the release of the AirPods 2 in early 2019. The AirPods 2 performance was so high that it secured its place in audio history. But Apple did not stop there. The company released its AirPods Pro later in 2019, crossing the top line of audio performance that they have previously set up.

The standard Apple AirPods design doesn’t come in different sizes in terms of the earbuds, which makes them inconvenient for some people. However, the story of AirPods Pro is different.

Compared to the original Apple AirPods, the Pro version comes in three sizes, which makes our lives easier when it comes to earbuds. Anyone can fit in at least one of the three sizes of silicone ear tips.

Next AirPod 3 version

It would be awesome if Apple will ditch the standard AirPods design in 2020 for a version that all people could fit in their ear. Maybe the next AirPods will be the AirPods Pro-Lite that is rumored to arrive on the market. At the moment, there is no official confirmation, but that never stopped the internet from speculating.



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