Aloha Browser 2.22.0 Update Comes With Enhanced Performance

One of the best perks of a smartphone is the ability to access the internet at all times with the help of dedicated internet browsing apps. There are many internet browsers on the Play Store, but few manage to offer a complete package.

Aloha Browser is a fully-featured internet browsing app made by the developer for people who value their privacy, as it comes with a series of built-in privacy features that keep your activities safe and confidential without the need to use other apps.

Free VPN

In recent years internet users have become more aware of the importance of privacy as some third-party companies have made a handsome revenue from collecting and selling information related to internet browsing habits while also facilitating the delivery of targeted ads and other forms of digital marketing.

With the help of a built-in VPN service, Aloha Browser offers the opportunity to visit your favorite websites without having your activity tracked. The VPN feature is quite solid, and a strict no-logs policy will ensure that nothing is shared with other companies, as the developers behind the browser want to provide a safe and secure experience.

Great features

Dodge those annoying ads that surface on some pages with a fast and efficient ad-blocker which stops ads and pop-ups from ruining your experience. Enjoy the option to browse sensitive content with the help of private tabs that can be locked with a fingerprint or a password to keep curios eyes at bay.

Download a wealth of interesting content from the internet with the excellent downloads manager which includes the ability to open, play and download photos, videos, music files, and much more. Fans of VR have access to an excellent VR player that is compatible with 360 and Google Cardboard videos.

The latest update for the app, 2.22.0, comes with performance enhancements for the VPN functionality.

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