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Amazon Alexa Redesigned to Focus More on Important Features and Personalization

Shortly after getting the skill to use the “Alexa” hot word, the Amazon Alexa app is upgraded to focus more on significant features and personalization. 

The upgrade revolves around those features that users want to see front and center. Choosing how to view things to get what do you want from them quickly, it’s essential. Amazon Alexa is a great app that promises more than a few good-looking tools and skills. Here is what you need to know.

Amazon Alexa Upgrade: What to Expect

Amazon Alexa’s home screen is now completely redesigned to offer a more user-focused experience instead of displaying third-party functionalities all the time. The most significant new change is undoubtedly the huge “Alexa” button at the top. You just tap on it or say the hot word “Alexa,” and all your questions or tasks will be listened to and solved in a matter of seconds. 

However, as useful as it might be, such a change could be a big issue on smartphones. The Alexa button from the navigation bar at the bottom would offer a sleek experience than stretching your finger to the top of your screen. The idea is acceptable – to highlight the presence of Alexa in the app. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do that.

Furthermore, third-party suggestions have been exchanged for new, more personalized cards that prioritize first-party experiences. So, you’ll get to see now reminders, your shopping lists, a recently played song, and a myriad of other similar suggestions. The date and weather card that was present at the top has been removed. 

The new revamp does look cleaner and smoother, and one of the reasons behind it could be the “More” section at the bottom right of the navigation bar. Amazon Alexa has hidden some of the advanced features that need some tweaking, like Routines, Settings, and Skills, under the “More” tab. 

The redesigned Alexa app is not available yet. We should expect it to start rolling out to both Android and iOS in the coming weeks. 



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