Amazon versus Google: smart home wars

The decade is nearing its final, and smart home technology is now more advanced than ever. Only 10 years ago, having a “smart home” usually meant that the house was actually built with functionality in mind and maybe it had lights that turn on automatically whenever motion is detected.  

The current year wasn’t exactly revolutionary for the world of smart home tech, but both Amazon and Google have worked intensively to improve their product lines and get rid of any sort of details that could remind users of past mistakes of the tech giants.


When it  comes to comparing the hardware specifications of products from the two tech giants, we can easily say that Amazon won 2019: They rounded up their  lineup of smart displays and speakers while also providing large, medium and small options for both categories.

It’s true that some of the new devices seem like they are mere iterations of past products (see the Echo Dot with Clock).

However, premium – sounding products like the Echo Studio place Amazon way ahead of Google thanks to its superior capabilities and smaller price (compared to 2018’s Google Home Max).


Smart home integration (which pretty much translates as software) is extremely important for smart speakers: Google tried to connect the Nest and Google brands this year by focusing on Works with Google Assistant. Unfortunately, it went south for Google. Users who decided to make the irreversible change weren’t pleased to discover that they couldn’t connect with regular third-party services like IFTTT anymore, which, again, set Google back a lot.

In conclusion, the fact that Google hasn’t provided a better lineup of smart speakers nor a superior software quality makes Amazon the winner of the best smart home tech provider of 2019.

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