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Amazon’s Echo Buds might be able to analyze workouts in the future

The music industry is perhaps one of the most lucrative industries in the world, and this can be observed by looking at the growth in the number of music streaming services in recent years. On the hardware side, however, things are even more competitive: many technology manufacturers have entire lines of headphones, covering the entry range, middle range and even high range (or extravagant / audiophile range, as some might say).

Though the race for the best earbuds is decades old, Apple’s Airpods (and now Airpods Pro) took it on a whole new level for wireless headphones and Amazon proved to be a worthy opponent with their Echo Buds.

Extra features

While the difference in audio quality might be a matter of taste, there are some technical specifications and features that clearly differentiate the two rivals.

When a user paired their Echo Buds to the Alexa app on their Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet and an iPhone, he observed that a new “Fitness” section popped up inside the settings for the  earbuds’ equalizer. However, the section looks pretty incomplete apart from the fact that there is an option to track a workout, which users have to toggle on or off.

Control of the feature

It turned out that users can start tracking their activities by saying “Alexa, start a workout.”, to which the assistant promptly answers: “OK, starting your workout” and then the Echo Buds seem to begin tracking movement. After finishing the workout, Alexa displays a summary of parameters about the workout.

However, at the moment, the Buds can only track steps, but this could be changed in a future update from Amazon.



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