Ambient Mode Introduced As a “Smart Display” on Android

Google Assistant’s sleek Ambient Mode makes your Android smartphone even better. It’s very useful and easy to enable. The Ambient Mode has also been dubbed “Android’s proactive Google Assistant,” and was introduce back in November 2019.

Ambient Mode is a setting that turns your device into a digital image frame and controller for any other smart devices and your music, as well. The feature was developed to support any actions you want to perform on your smartphone, also to anticipate your needs, and to solve any tasks as fast as possible. Ambient Mode is like a little d digital helper always up-to-date and ready to offer you aid.

Enable the Ambient Mode on Your Android Smartphone

To enable Ambient Mode, you need to access the Google Assistant app firstly. Then, from there, tap on the Compass icon to open Settings. Press on your avatar, then Settings, and finally the Assistant. Look until the end of the list and pick the Phone/Tablet. Choose Personalization and switch the Ambient Mode on, and you’re ready to start your experience. Once you’ve enabled it, the Ambient Mode will automatically turn on when you charge your device. By doing all of that, you’ll set to a new Android experience!

Ambient Mode will probably save you a lot of time by solving from the easiest to most challenging tasks. Give it a try, and you’ll be sure of its efficiency.

Ambient Mode Details and Recent Updates

If you didn’t know, the Ambient Mode was first designed for the Nokia devices when it debuted last year. Currently, it is running on OnePlus devices, too, and things couldn’t be greater. OnePlus also developed a fast way to enable Ambient Mode. To turn it on, the OnePlus smartphones must be connected to a charger. Then, quickly click on your Notifications and follow the steps to finish the setup.

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