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AMD and Oxide Games are Teamed Up to Help Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming seems like the technology of the future, as it’s far more comfortable and convenient to play a game without installing it on your device. Google itself brought a cloud gaming service to its public back in December last year – namely the Google Stadia, the service already gathered an impressive number of users.

But as more companies are trying to find ways of creating and offering cloud gaming services, AMD and Oxide Games intend to lend a hand. The two companies are planning to work together in order to develop graphics technologies for the cloud gaming services.

Which one is the best cloud gaming service?

There are plenty of compelling cloud gaming services to choose from, and we can mention GeForce Now, Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Jump, Project xCloud, Vortex, and so on. It’s hard to tell for sure which one is the best, but one thing’s for sure: they all offer very exciting games.

For instance, let’s take Google Stadia. It can stream games to your gadget without the need of installing them, and also, there’s no need to have powerful specs. If we take a look at the top games offered by Stadia, we can see Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Doom Eternal, Mortal Kombat 11, Metro Exodus, Darksiders Genesis, Cyberpunk 2077 (upcoming), Marvel’s Avengers, Grid, and many more.

These games usually demand high system configuration for the player to have on its gaming rig, but this changes drastically with the use of Google Stadia.

AMD and Oxide joined forces to boost cloud gaming

For the moment, there are no details regarding the partnership between AMD and Oxide Games, but we expect this to change very soon. Spending our time on games is an excellent decision during these hard times when it’s highly recommended to stay at home as much as possible. And it’s nice to see so many companies that are encouraging cloud gaming.



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