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Android 10 Brings Dark Theme In Google Play Store For Some Specific Devices

Lately, Google worked hard to implement Dark Mode to most of its applications for smartphone, as well as on PCs. The last one to get Dark Mode appears to be the Google Play Store, and that’s been possible thanks to new features of Android 10 that already launched on specific devices.

Android 10 Brings Dark Theme In Google Play Store

Android 10, as expected, launched on Google Pixel smartphones about one week ago. Since then, Android 10 Beta has rolled out also for some non-Google devices. However, if you’re still running Android 9 Pie on your phone, you won’t be able to experience the new Dark Mode in the Google Play Store app.

Until now, Google implemented the Dark Mode to Gmail, Chrome, Google Photos, Maps, and YouTube. Now, the Google Play Store also received the “night theme” thanks to the new Android 10 release.

New Features In Android 10 Are Proving An Improved Operating System

Among the most noteworthy improvements in Android 10, there are the system-wide Dark Mode, 5G network and folding smartphone support, as well as enhanced privacy control.

Besides, Android 10 will speed up updates, and it will also come with improved notifications management. On the other hand, the new OS from Google will need to polish some gesture control features to please the users.

Nonetheless, Android 10 will represent a crucial upgrade from Android 9 Pie. With many improvements and new features that it adds, the new mobile OS from Google promises to be a great update. That because it comes with support for 5G network and folding smartphones, two things that would dominate the world of mobile phones soon.


Android 10 will represent the most considerable change that Google has implemented in its mobile OS since the release of Android 5. The new operating system remains customizable, and, accordingly, many manufacturers, such as Samsung, will add their own GUI over it.

In conclusion, Android 10 launched already for Google Pixel devices, while the Android 10 Beta rolled out for some specific non-Google smartphones. It comes with many new features, and it will be the most significant Android upgrade that Google has released in years.



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