Android 11 DP2 Introduces Silent Notifications Feature

It would be strange not to have an early Android concept without some notification tweaks. Google is bringing in the second developer preview of the latest Android 11 installment, a new feature. Notifications can now be marked as “silent.”

Since the previous Android version, Google has been running lots of tests on refining the “silent” feature. How significant could the upcoming feature be? Also, why Google took so long to release it?

Android 11 Arrives With ‘Silent’ Notifications

Google announced the arrival of the Silent notification feature recently via the Android 11. Such a new type of notification won’t get pushed to the bottom of the notification tray, and it won’t ring, as well. It will be significantly more for Google Maps or weather notifications, for example, to pop-up in your notifications bar. Android 11 is also providing more control over Silent notifications.

The new feature in the notification section of the Settings menu lets users select “Hide silent notifications from the status bar.” So, when you turn on the function, this removes all the icons from those notifications in our status tray.

Well, it’s a nice update and all, but it’s only a subtle change after all. The feature will only turn the notifications truly silent and out of your way. As for notifications news, there’s also a new part in the settings menu for controlling conversations. This new part will keep any ongoing discussions from your different messaging apps.

What Android 11 Might Also Introduce

Android 11 could also introduce tons of other sleek updates. A clipboard manager feature was discussed, and some better ways to perform backups. Customizable back gestures would look very lovely, the one-handed mode, too.

The upcoming Android installment might as well arrive with an option for Google Assistant without unlocking and a desktop mode. As rumors and speculations run all over the Internet, it’s good to remember that soon we’ll witness the full list of updates for Android 11. So, be patient and hope for the best!

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