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Android 11 Has Arrived, But Certain Features Are Exclusive to Google Pixel Phones

Android 11 is the natural progression from Android 10, and the new mobile operating system has arrived on September 8. As it was expected, Google made certain features from Android 11 available only for Pixel smartphones. However, we cannot blame the giant from Mountain View for this move, as it is completely reasonable to do as you please with your own operating system and smartphones.

Android 11 comes with interesting features, including ones for privacy. They are all worthy of attention. Android 11 will slowly roll out for many smartphones in the recent future, although they won’t possess certain features that are exclusive to Pixel phones:

Smart Reply

The smart reply feature for the keyboard of Google Pixel arrives as you update the phone’s operating system to Android 11. What the feature does is offering helpful suggestions while you’re using apps for chatting like Gboard.

Grouping apps

If you’re lacking inspiration, it’s good to know that your Pixel phone will suggest names for apps that are grouped in folders on the home screen. If you have four apps for photo editing, for instance, the Android 11 feature may suggest the moniker ‘photo editing’ for all of those apps.

Live View

The live view feature for Google Maps is a great addition, as it’s used for location sharing. When location sharing is turned on, you can select live view for seeing exactly where a certain person is and how long it has to arrive at you. Of course, this will happen at the other person’s consent, and it’s a great way for assuring that your spouse, for instance, is not cheating on you.

App suggestions

If you own a Pixel phone that’s running on Android 11, it’s great to know that it can suggest apps based on your routines. You’ll be bombarded with suggestions for media apps, writing apps, and more.

Feel free to tell us about your own favorite features from Android 11, whether they’re exclusive for Pixel phones or not!



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