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Android 11 — The Most Expected Features in 2020

Android 10 might still be substantial for some, especially since many smartphones just got the update, or are still expecting it. However, such a thing doesn’t mean that we cannot think of its successor, Android 11. Google usually launches the first developer preview for its upcoming update in March. So, we should expect more details on Android 11 soon.

Android 10 was launched back in September, and it came as one heck of a launch for Google’s devices operating systems. The arrival of a system-wide dark mode is a thing some users have been clamoring for a time now. Also, the latest gestures are an enhancement over Android 9’s half-made attempt, and the redesigned permissions are a significant lead for having more control over your privacy and data.

The most expected features for Android 11

A way to customize the gestures

The last versions, Android 9 Pie and 10, have brought new forms of navigation. Android 9 Pie introduced two-button gesture hybrid, while Android 10, a whole gestural system. The actual update, however, it seems a little bit off, due to its gesture features. Some users encountered an issue with the left or right-swiping. We hope that Android 11 would introduce an enhanced gesture system, one that it will welcome by everyone.

Dark Mode Plans

One of the most significant draws to Android 10 is its introduction of a dark mode. Dark mode in its original form is perfect, indeed, but there is one essential thing that’s noticeably missing, the scheduling. On Android 10, you can switch to dark mode on and off manually only by tapping the dark mode toggle. It an easy feature to enable, but some users would like to see such a thing being performed automatically. If that option would be available, the dark mode will feel complete and useful.

A Built-In Screen Recorder

Such a feature was available on Android 10, but only in the beta version. Some things, however, might seem odd, because now, the option could not be found at all. A built-in screen recorder is not a significant or prominent feature, but users would like to have it on the next Android 11 release.



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