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Android 11 – Why You Should Wait A Bit More Before Getting The Developer Preview Version

Google has released the first developer preview of Android 11. The update is available for everyone, but we are about to tell you why you should wait. First of all, it will be full of bugs, since it’s still in beta. It will make your phone act weird, and you won’t be able to rely on it. There are also many features for users and developers. Don’t you want to enjoy that at its most?

The developer preview is for developers

The only way to get the developer preview is to flash the factory image by using ADB and command-line tools. If you don’t know what that is, it might be good just not to get involved right now at all. If you install the preview, the phone will get to its factory settings. If you want to get rid of it, you’ll have to wipe it again. And if the installation process does not work well, you might even break your phone.

You will see a lot of bugs that will not allow you to have the experience you should get. It can prevent you from using some apps, or from even sending messages. Just wait until Google gets rid of the bugs, and prepares a final version.

We come with great news, as well, about Android 11

We know when Google will release the future updates, including the launch of the public Android beta program. Google has written everything on its developer site. Developer preview updates will be here in March and April. The beta release will happen in May.

Google published a detailed release schedule on its developer site, shown here. The annual developer conference will happen between May 12 and May 14, 2020. The opening day will probably be the one in which they release the first public beta of Android 11.



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