Android 11 Will Come With Many Changes, Including Some Specific For Google Pixel 5

Google released the Android 11 developer preview version just a few days ago. What is a developer preview operating system? It means that this version of Android 11 is mainly designed for developers to test it and also that is much more difficult to be installed compared to a beta version, for example.

The Android 11 operating system will bring a lot of new features. Same as Android 10, its successor inspired by the iPhone’s operating system. Simial to iPhone, Android 11 will have a more strict location and storage permissions.

We have prepared a list of some of the new features that Android 11 has for us so far; however, do note that they may not all be launched with the official version of the upcoming operating system.

Android 11 to bring many changes

Here’s how Android 11 will make our life easier:

  • Scrolling screenshots- so you can grab a whole page.
  • A better screen recorder.
  • Bluetooth headphones won’t be affected when in Airplane Mode.
  • The Pixel 5 might have reverse wireless charging.
  • The Pixel 4 might get a new Project Soli gesture.
  • A more natural way to access the app drawers via gestures.
  • Amend the so-called hidden “notification history”
  • The ability to replace your homescreen app dock with Google’s suggestions.
  • Pining apps to Android 11’s share menu.
  • A new Bluetooth stack that will be called Gabeldorsche

Android 11, the new API level, is going to push developers to update their apps. The updates consist of privacy and security, such as new permission structures: scoped storage and location permissions, for example.

The good thing about Google’s move is that these updates are no longer just a mere suggestion but a must. Developers will have to follow Android’s 11 new requirements and expectations, no middle way.

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