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Android Auto 4.8 Available with New Features and Changes

Android Auto has been quite popular among drivers, even if some didn’t enjoy some of the updates which were released for the OS. One of the major updates removed a selection of useful cards, including the one for the weather, but it seems that the latest update will restore the feature.

A highly reliable source took the latest update and used a software solution to decompile the code and learn more about the inner works. It is important to keep in mind that features observed in lines of code but which aren’t currently available may not be released due to a variety of reasons. Some lines of code can also be interpreted incorrectly.

The return of the weather notification

The major highlight of the Android Auto 4.8 is a subtle clue related to a persistent weather notification. It does not appear to be a full replacement for the old weather card, but it will allow drivers to gauge the weather at all times while they are driving. Those who aren’t interested in the feature will have the option to turn it off by accessing the settings menu.

A different source noted that the weather notification system would rely on your device to update automatically as you travel. The feature is not available at this point, but some have managed to enable it manually on their device.

The new launcher automation feature

Another major improvement is the launcher customization feature, which is already live. It allows users to disable apps that aren’t relevant for them, but there are some exceptions like Google Maps, Phone and Settings. The app has to be restarted before the changes will be visible.

It is thought that Google plans to large a higher number of features with the release of the 5.0 update, which should take place in the future.  Until then, users can find the latest Android Auto update on the Google Play Store.



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