Android Auto Update Brings Weather Icons To The Status Bar

If you have a car that’s equipped with Android Auto, then this is good news. You can now use the system to view the weather. The results have to be improved, but still, it’s not so far from the truth, maybe it will give you an error of a few grades. This app is installed on the status bar.

Latest Android Auto update brings weather icons to the status bar

Last year, Google a design that had a dark theme and other things like improved media controls, but they had a small problem. The drivers couldn’t see the weather on their location.

By adding weather on Android Auto, all users can now see the weather in the status bar near temperature and phone battery information, and this is pretty simple, for example, if it’s sunny outside, you will see the sun on the screen. If it’s rainy, you will see a cloud icon. The display will also show icons with snowflakes if the weather demands that.

Users gave good feedback about the app, and they think that it will be a good idea if the system can show us details about the upcoming weather. Unfortunately, the present time is all we can get for the moment from Android Auto, but I’m sure that in the future, the system will be able to deliver all the data that we need.

How to get Android Auto

This is quite simple. It can be downloaded onto your smartphone or pulled up on a compatible’s car system by plugging your Android handset into the car’s USB port. This procedure is not compatible with all cars, only the ones that have Android Auto installed, or a smartphone that has the app.

Google says that the Android Auto app is more simplified with large and easily tapped icons, and that means that everyone will be able to use it and to see what outfit will fit with the weather.

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