Android Introduces Nearby Share: How it Works

nearby share

Nearby Share is the newest feature that Android launched, a fierce rival to iPhone’s AirDrop. 

When it comes to sharing photos or files from your handset, iPhone users got the best feature, thanks to Apple’s AirDrop functionality. Compared to Google’s link-based cloud storage, transferring a file to your MacBook from your iPhone takes a few seconds. 

But some things are about to change for Android users. Google’s answer to AirDrop is Nearby Share. The AirDrop-like feature was released officially yesterday (August 8). Here is what you need to know. 

How to Enable Nearby Share 

Nearby Share is available only for Pixel and Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 20were announced) handsets. Google promised to introduce the feature on other Android smartphones, too, over the next few weeks. 

Nearby Share can be enabled from your Quick Settings menu by sliding your notifications menu bar down. You can turn on the feature and accept transfers from other users, such as photos, videos, and more. 

Also, when you enable Nearby Share, you can choose the “Turn on Nearby Share.” This option will make visible your device name and profile picture. You can always change who sees these details by setting the “Device visibility” (only contacts can view your device). Or if you want more privacy, choose the “Hidden” option. 

How Nearby Share Works

After you enable Nearby Share, you’ll begin seeing the feature as one of the default share options for texting or emailing stuff. Just look for the function, and your device will scan all the “Nearby devices.” Finally, pick a contact and start sharing. 

Remember that you and your contact must have the Bluetooth and the locations activated, and the files will be sent via Wi-Fi, data, or without the Internet via Bluetooth protocols. Also, Nearby Share will only work with devices that are up to 1 foot away from each other. 

If you’re looking to try out the newest Nearby Share feature, you must have a device running on Android 6.0 and later. 

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