Android TV Might Receive the Google Assistant Voice Match Feature

Google Assistant, one of the most praised voice assistants, can run on multiple devices. To identify the user, Google has developed the Voice Match feature on many devices such as speakers, smart displays, and more. 

Recently, news about Android TV getting such a feature emerged. Here is what you should know. 

Android TV With Google Assistant Voice Match: What We Should Expect

All Android TVs come with Google Assitant with a voice-based search. A recent report from 9to5Google suggests that Android TV will soon receive native support for Assistant Voice Match. 

If such a thing turns out to be true, the Android TV will become more useful. It could open a Stadia profile, for instance, or log in to the correct Netflix, based only on why it is requesting via Google Assistant. The Voice Match feature was seen on the most recent Google Search update and is said to be coming soon.

The update noted in the report states: “Voice Match allows your Assistant to identify and tell you apart from others; your voice model may be sent temporarily to Google to identify your voice better.” 

Moreover, if users decide later that the Voice Match feature isn’t right for them, it can be deleted from Assistant Settings. Google is also letting users remove their audio clips recorded during the Voice Match setup for their Android TV. 

Voice Match on Android TV: Benefits

Google is trying to enhance the Android TV platform. The company has under development an Android TV dongle, dubbed Sabrina, which could replace Chromecast. With more improvements to Android TV, Google also plans to turn Stadia into a better experience. 

For now, we still don’t know when those changes would pop up on Android TV. It’s also a mystery which of the OTT and other smart TVs will receive the Voice Match feature. Google should release a statement in the coming months. 

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