Android TV Receives New Features: Gboard Improvements, Instant Apps, and More

Google might be working to roll out the stable Android 11 update soon, but it’s not only the company’s mobile platform getting all the attention. 

Android TV 11 beta was launched earlier this year with a lot of performance improvements. Today (August 11), Google is bulking up Android TV with new features, support for Instant Apps, Gboard TV, and more. These functions will not only be available on Android TV 11 but will also find their way to previous variants of Android TV. Here is what you need. 

Android TV New Features

Google Play Instant Apps

Do you remember Instant Apps? Google launched the feature back in 2016, allowing app developers to let users try out their apps or access a said feature without installing the full app. Android TV now has such a feature and is probably one of the best things so far.

Developers can now allow users to try out some parts of their apps on a larger screen. 

Gboard TV

An essential and much-needed change is the Gboard for Android TV. We’ll no longer have to rush from one part of the screen to another using the little arrow keys. Gboard has now received a QWERTY layout, predictive suggestions, and voice-to-text input. 

PIN Code Purchases

Google is allowing us now to experience a quicker way to complete purchases made via the Play Store on Android TVs. We’ll just have to enter a four-digit PIN code to allow any app purchases instead of typing the password. 

Typing long passwords can be a burden, especially when we use the remote control. The new feature will speed up the process. 

Android TV Emulator Update

Android TV will ship from now on with Google Play support. Such a change will surely put an end to the difficulty of developers who needed to utilize a real device (a large smart TV in this case) to test the purchase flow and other UX elements. 

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