Angry Birds 2 2.36.0 Update — The Winter Update Is Here

Angry Birds just turned 10! Are you ready to celebrate with us, with the new hat event? Play the game for free and join hundreds of millions of other players in this adventure! Make the team with your friends, create clans, take advantage of challenges, and compete in events in the new game modes.

What are the features of Angry Birds 2?

You can choose which bird to play, a thing that makes the game even more interesting. Defeat the pigs with your strategies.

There are multi-stage levels, which allows you to have fun playing all the challenging levels. Just make sure you protect yourself against the Boss Pigs. Complete daily challenges and earn rewards quickly.

You can level up your birds, give them feathers, and up their powers. Build your own flock! You can always join a clan and take down the pigs, together with your friends or random players from all around the world.

Make sure you impress the mighty eagle, from the Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp. This way, you’ll earn coins which you can use in the shop. Don’t forget to compete in the arena with other players. Make sure you are the best.

Make sure you get as many silly hats as you can. They have different fun themes, which can make your birds look classy. Protect yourself against the bad piggies. They’re the worst, and they’re greener than usual.

There are so many levels; you won’t get bored with the game. The team behind the game adds regular updates, plus limited time events. Also, make sure you are number one in leaderboards.

What’s new in the Angry Birds 2 2.36.0 version?

The winter update is here in Angry Birds 2 2.36.0! Make the most out of the new hat events! Don’t forget to play the Tower of Fortune in order to win the new Present hat set.

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