Angry Birds Legends 3.2.1 Update Targets Connection Errors

Rovio Entertainment made history almost 11 years ago when the first Angry Birds title was unleashed on mobile devices. The simple control scheme, fun graphics and interesting gameplay sparked the start of an iconic franchise that is enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world.

Angry Birds legends offer a fun, fantastical spin on the popular series as the birds have a new enemy besides the well-known piggies. Dragons and elusive forces conspire to plunge the world into chaos, and only the Birds can save it before it is too late.

Authentic RPG experience

Grab the best Birds in the world and assemble a response team that can tackle the evil enemies before they will bring destruction and ruin. Fan-favorite Birds are ready for a match, and new Birds will provide novel ways to tackle obstacles.

All can give a hand to the cause, and Birds have put aside their battle with Pigs as they and Humans are ready to work together. Discover awesome levels and boost your level to become more powerful and become better at fighting for the planet.

Awesome features

Level-up your heroes and improve their abilities to become stronger to be able to tackle more dangerous foes and lead your squad to victories. Keep close eyes on your enemies as some of them are more vulnerable to certain types of damage, and you can exploit their weakness.

Harness the awesome combat system and pick the right team for every battle to unleash powerful moves and ultimate ability that can turn the tides. Create unique teams for special events and unlock limited-time heroes that can join your squad. There are many characters to collect, awesome hero classes and a large number of great campaigns that will keep players busy for a long while.

The 3.2.1 update tackles some connection issues that can appear when players launch the game.

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