Animal Crossing and Pokemon Crossover Might Not Happen, Although The Fans Want It

Fans and owners of Nintendo Switch, the good news is coming next month. We will receive two essential releases from the developer for the consoles. We are talking about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It will be hard for the Switch owners to choose between the two releases because each is costing $60. They will also come at a short distance from one another, so a decision must be made.

It seems that Nintendo does not plan to feature a crossover between Pokemon and Animal Crossing. We did saw that Animal Crossing: New Leaf receives features from the other two Nintendo franchises. It’s not the first time when Animal Crossing is getting features from the Nintendo franchise.

We have as examples the Amiibo figures from Welcome Amiibo DLC. By scanning the Amiibo pictures from Splatoon and Zelda. Also, the villagers had designs like the two franchises, plus furniture, clothing, and NES games.

Animal Crossing and Pokemon Crossover Might Not Happen

However, if you look at Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Animal Crossing, you can see a common thing between them. The common element is that at first, Animal Crossing was meant to have dungeons. In the meantime, Animal Crossing turns to have the relaxing gameplay that we have now. So no more cells, but still, it is an exciting thing to see as a common feature between them.

Finally, we don’t know if we see this dream coming true because Nintendo doesn’t own the entire Pokémon franchise, like in the case of Zelda and Splatoon. We will remain at the spectacular video fan game made by the community and be surprised by the creativity of some users. Maybe with time, the work of the fan community will inspire and determine Nintendo to create a crossover between Pokémon and Animal Crossing.

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