Apex Legends Gets Ready For Halloween: Fight or Fright Event Details

Apex Legends will welcome a spooky new event soon! All the details are now available.

The Fight or Fright Halloween event will be back scarier than ever, more challenging than what we’ve seen before. Last year, the event introduced a limited-time Shadowfall mode.

This year, Apex Legends will bring a similar LTM with a new squad officially unveiled in the trailer. 

Here is what you need to know.

Apex Legends Gets Spooky: Fright or Fight?

The Fright or Fight Halloween event will air on October 22 and bring the Shadow Royale LTM, new skins, and some scary changes to the well-known King’s Canyon. 

The Shadow Royale LTM details

The Shadow Royale LTM is almost similar to what we experienced last year. Fallen players will return to the battle still as Shadows. However, the upcoming Shadows will pack more skills such as long-range melees, faster movement, and wall running. 

The Shadow Royale mode will introduce, too, a new NPC.


According to Apex Legends, teamwork will be extremely essential this year. The Shadows will be able to revive their teammate. Also, every member is eliminated if the last surviving teammate dies. 

Trailer details

Apex Legends released a trailer that hints at various new stuff. For example, the Prowlers will play an essential role in the Halloween festivities. 

We’ll also have to endure Revenant’s terrifying narration, and a few returning jump scares. Also, throughout the well-known King’s Canyon, we’ll encounter tons of creepy changes such as candles throughout buildings, glowing Leviathans, and of course, many zombies and spiders!

You can watch the new trailer above.

Other cool stuff

Apex Legends’ Fright or Fight Halloween event will bring back some of last year’s skins, available in different colors. The costume skins will be available in sleek collections, such as Crypto, Loba, Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Caustic. 

Stay tuned for more details!

Apex Legends was launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC users. A Switch variant is currently in development.


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