Apex Legends Receives A New Trailer That Showcases Some Exciting Details For The Fans

Apex Legends does not cease to amaze its fans. What are the characteristics of the new event and what to expect?

The Old Ways event was released on April 7th and ever since then, gamers can enjoy the brand-new version of the Apex Legends. In order to get a quick overview of the features that the game is presenting to its users, they can access the trailer that Respawn shared.

Old Ways is a two weeks event, ending on April 21st. The most awaited event is the “Bloodhound’s Trials.” This unique model will enable the players to fight against both monsters controlled automatically by the computer and other users. By completing the missions, the players will advance in level, the last and the most important one being the high-tier loot.

There’s a new trailer from Apex Legends

The impressive layout of the new World’s Edge map has largely been missed by the gamers. Fortunately, Respawn has listened to its fans and brought back the original version of World’s Edge, meeting the demands of its users. The first map in the Apex Legends presents a breathtaking scenery, where molten heat and chemical ice collide.

In addition to this, the developers are adding extra equipment that the gamers can earn. These items are available in the Apex Legends’ direct-purchase shop, where players can pay for a Mystery box, where the prize is a surprise. The displayed items are bearing a resemblance to the trailer that the company released last month.

Another feature of yesterday’s update is the return of the much-expected duos mode, where gamers can choose playing in teams of two, instead of going solo or playing in groups of three.

Kings Canyon, the original map of Apex Legends, after a recent limited return earlier this year, has just appeared in the game again – this time for good. The Old Ways event will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC until April 21st.

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